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  • Social Entrepreneurship between Market and Mission 

    Hockerts, Kai (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2010)
    Most literature on social entrepreneurship has tended to occupy itself either with the start-up phases of social entrepreneurship or the replication of successful ventures. In contrast this paper is interested in the ...
  • Youth-led Social Entrepreneurship: Enabling Social Change 

    Clarke, Amelia; Dougherty, Ilona (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2010)
    The types of strategies and tactics a young social entrepreneur may pursue to create social change, as well as the social change they succeed in creating, are impacted by their capacity to deeply engage in traditional ...
  • Social Entrepreneurship Education: A Holistic Learning Initiative 

    Glunk, Ursula; van Gils, Anita (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2010)
    This paper aims to create awareness for the role of Business Schools in nurturing social entrepreneurial initiatives amongst their students and to provide a new learning approach for social entrepreneurship education. ...
  • Social Intrapreneurs: Bottom-Up Social Innovation 

    Brenneke, Maggie; Spitzeck, Heiko (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2010)
    This conceptual paper defines the concept of social intrapreneurship as an important component in the ecosystem of social innovation. The literature on social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is reviewed regarding the ...
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Implications for Management Practice 

    Spitzeck, Heiko; Janssen, Frank (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2010)
    Editors' Introduction to the special issue Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation THIS ARTICLE IS FREE OF CHARGE IF PURCHASED WITH ANOTHER ARTICLE FROM THIS ISSUE

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