Recent Submissions

  • Web 2.0: New World or Old Hype? 

    Laffey, Des (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2009)
    Web 2.0 was added to the complex vocabulary of the Internet in the first decade of the new millennia. It is a nebulous term which has been used to describe some of the most prominent recent entrepreneurial ventures of the ...
  • Open Innovation: An Evolving Entrepreneurial Technique 

    Mercer Reid, Patrick (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2009)
    As internet penetration continues to grow across the globe, the potential pool of skilled and talented individuals and organizations that can be contacted or engaged in a commercial or professional arrangement expands. ...
  • Web 2.0 and the Open Source Movement: Liberating Text Books 

    Pitt, Leyland F.; Nel, Deon; van Heerden, Gene (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2009)
    The open source movement is a prominent aspect of the Web 2.0 phenomenon, driven as it is by the ability to network and collaborate easily, seamlessly and at low cost. This article considers open source production and ...
  • Will the Old Venture Model Work with New Web-Based Start-Ups? 

    Hendershott, Robert (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2009)
    This paper suggests that the traditional venture capital industry, evolved for relatively capital intensive start-ups like semiconductor firms, is a poor fit for the next generation of webbased start-ups. However, the same ...
  • First-Generation Internet Banking - Bankers' Perceptions of the Threat 

    Gandy, Anothony (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2009)
    This paper is based on contemporaneous surveys of the banking industry in the UK and eurozone during the period 1999-2001. The study looks at the development of first-generation standalone Internet banks and the threat ...

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