Recent Submissions

  • Serial Entrepreneurs and Born-Global New Ventures: A Case Study 

    Presutti, M.; Onetti, A.; Odorici , V. (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2008)
    Based on a longitudinal case study, we aim to understand how serial entrepreneurs can foster the development of born-global ventures. We consider a born-global start-up as the final stage of the learning process for a ...
  • Developing Competencies for International Entrepreneurship: The Role of a Global Mindset 

    Muzychenko, Olga; Zalan, Tatiana; Wells, Sam (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2008)
    The focus of this paper is on Entrepreneurial Global Mindset, an important cognitive capability and a source of sustainable competitive advantage for an international new venture. Developing a global mindset means acquiring ...
  • Resisting Corruption: Polyhydron Private Ltd 

    Velamuri, S. Ramakrishna; Sosna, Marc (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2008)
    The case describes the resistance to corruption practised by Suresh Hundre, the founder and CEO of Polyhydron Private Limited (PPL), an SME in the manufacturing sector based in the small Indian city of Belgaum. It documents ...
  • Review of Radical Innovation in Small and Large Firms 

    Audretsch, David; Aldridge, Taylor (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2008)
    There is a surprising dearth of literature discussing radical innovations, yet, a common definition in either quantitative or qualitative terms has yet to emerge. This paper shows the genesis of radical innovation literature ...

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