Recent Submissions

  • Methodological issues in Researching Ethnic Entrepreneurship: African Entrepreneurship in London 

    Nwankwo, Sonny; Madiche, Nnamdi; Ekwulugo, Frances (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    Ethnic entrepreneurship in Britain is frequently treated with little regard to the diversity that exists among ethnic minority groups and their approaches to entrepreneurship. This lacuna is underpinned by a lack of ...
  • Social Entrepreneurial Initiatives within the Sustainable Development Landscape 

    Mair, Johanna; Seelos, Christian; Borwankar, Anjaney (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    Over the last few years many business schools have been active in developing courses on social entrepreneurship. The case studies used are typically based on non-profit initiatives aimed at alleviating social problems in ...
  • The Domain of Entrepreneurship Education: Key Issues 

    Alberti, Fernando G.; Sciascia, Salvatore; Poli, Alberto (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The present paper provides a conceptual framework to approach the domain of entrepreneurship education. First we offer a state of the art of the academic debate on entrepreneurship education. Then we identify and discuss ...
  • The Types and Contextual Fit of Entrepreneurial Processes 

    Davidsson, Per (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    This article argues that unlike the early research findings on individual and environmental characteristics that are conducive of entrepreneurship, the more recent research on entrepreneurship as behaviors in the process ...

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