Recent Submissions

  • Spin-outs from Universities: Strategy, Financing, Monitoring and Incubation Models 

    Wright, Mike; Lockett, Andy (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    Spin-outs of ventures from universities are growing in importance yet their process is little understood. This paper reviews evidence from the spin-out and university level relating to four key research questions: What ...
  • The Renovo Story: Venture Capital at the Cutting Edge 

    Barnes, Simon (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The case explores the creation and venture capital financing of Renovo, a biotechnology start up created in 2000 at the University of Manchester, UK. The case examines a variety of issues central to the creation of university ...
  • An Appraisal of the SEED University Technology Small Firms Project in Industrial South Wales 

    Thomas, Brychan; Packham, Gary; Miller, Christopher; Brooksbank, David (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The main purpose of the investigation is to focus on the specific needs of university-based technology small firms (UTSFs) making a case for UTSFs' particular contribution to the Welsh economy and why their needs are not ...
  • Photonica: Growing a Spin-Out 

    Cross, Adam; Handscombe, Bob (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    This case invites students to consider the challenges associated with establishing and growing an entrepreneurial, technology-driven, university 'spin-out' firm. Drawing heavily, though by no means exclusively, on the ...
  • From Classroom to Community of Practice: The Case of HotAir Sounds 

    Warren, Lorraine (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    Two strategies for using the case are presented. Taking a traditional approach, the focus could be on business planning for start-up and early stage growth, supported by the use of stage models. An alternative scenario ...

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