Recent Submissions

  • Chemdex: In Search of a Viable Business Model 

    Meyer, Marc; de Crescenzo, Neil; Russell, Bruce (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The case uses the dramatic rise and fall of a Web-economy company from 1997 to 2002 to help students consider the meaning and design of business models. The company, formerly known as Chemdex, and then Ventro, is now known ...
  • JML Optical at the Crossroads: Exploring Growth and Exit Strategies of a Family Business 

    DeMartino, Richard (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The JML Optical case and related assignments are designed to promote a discussion exploring the potential impact of entrepreneurial motivation and exit strategies on firm growth and strategic change. The case recounts the ...
  • Early Development of Entrepreneurial Qualities: The Role of Initial Education 

    van der Kuip, Isobel; Verheul, Ingrid (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The present study attempts to create a better understanding of the role of entrepreneurship education in developing entrepreneurial qualities by confronting theory and practice. It discusses the extent to which entrepreneurship ...
  • The Rise and Fall of the Dot Com Enterprises 

    Laffey, Des (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    This paper looks at the dot com phenomenon drawing mainly on examples from the USA where the boom started and was most pronounced, but also from the UK which had a number of high profile dot coms. It starts by asking the ...
  • A Model of the Entrepreneurial Economy 

    Audretsch, David; Thurik, Roy (Senate Hall, Dublin, 2004)
    The present paper deals with the distinction between the models of the managed and entrepreneurial economies. It explains why the model of the entrepreneurial economy may be a better frame of reference than the model of ...

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