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  • Automatic detection of solar radio bursts in NenuFAR observations 

    Murphy, P. C.; Cecconi, B.; Briand, C.; Aicardi, S. (2023)
    Solar radio bursts are some of the brightest emissions at radio frequencies in the solar system. The emission mechanisms that generate these bursts offer a remote insight into physical processes in solar coronal plasma, ...
  • Five years of solar observations with LOFAR station in Baldy 

    Dabrowski, B.; Wolowska, A.; Flisek, P.; Fron, A.; Krankowski, A.; Blaszkiewicz, L. (2023)
    We present exemplary observations of solar radio bursts collected in 2017 – 2021 with the use of LOFAR station PL612 located in Baldy (Poland), operating in local mode. In that period, the Sun was observed for 1190.3 hours ...
  • A method for the automatic detection of solar type III radio bursts with Wind/Waves 

    Waters, J. E.; Jackman, C. M.; Fogg, A. R.; Louis, C.; Lamy, L.; Briand, C.; Bonnin, X.; Maksimovic, M.; Murphy, P. C.; Cecconi, B.; Issautier, K.; Whiter, D. K. (2023)
    Solar type III radio bursts have a characteristic signature in frequency-time dynamic spectrograms and provide important insight into the dynamics of the Sun and solar wind. Direct physical inferences of the source electrons ...
  • The Science Behind SURROUND: a Constellation of Cubesats Around the Sun 

    Weigt, D. M.; Cañizares, L. A.; Maloney, S. A.; Murray, S. A.; Carley, E. P.; Gallagher, P. T.; Macario-Rojas, A.; Crisp, N.; McGrath, C. (2023)
    One of the greatest challenge facing current space weather monitoring operations is forecasting the arrival of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) within their Earth-Sun propagation timescales. ...
  • Solar/Stellar Atmospheric Tomography with mm-radio Snapshot Spectroscopic Imaging 

    Mohan, A. (2023)
    Millimeter (mm) frequencies are primarily sensitive to thermal emission from layers across the stellar chromosphere up to the transition region, while metre-wave (radio) frequencies probe the coronal heights. Together the ...