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  • Annotating Fine Art Images 

    Isemann, Daniel (2007-06-13)
    The project's objective is to work with art galleries to help them find innovative ways of indexing images, especially by having automatically created and updated thesauri.
  • DoppleGang's (Sub)Version of Oz 

    Murphy, Megan (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    For the 2006 Dublin Fringe Festival, DoppleGang expanded their performance from a song-based cabaret to a theatre piece with songs, dance, and dialogue. Their performance, entitled 'Oz: A Fairytale Plot,' borrows songs, ...
  • The History of Correspondence Chess in Britain and Ireland, 1824-1914 

    Harding, Timothy (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This project investigates how and why the once elite game of chess became popular in Victorian times, and the phases of its development up to the caesura caused by the First World War. The research will throw light on ...
  • Neither Here nor There: Liminal Space in Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence 

    Carroll, Jane Suzanne (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This project is concerned with the relationship between Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence and older texts which explore the idea of the border between the world of consensual reality and that of magic and fantasty. ...
  • Parliament, power and patronage, the career of Speaker William Conolly, 1662-1729 

    Walsh, Patrick (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The aim of this project is not to write a biography of Conolly but rather to examine particular facets of his career. His political career has previously been outlined in the political histories of the period and does not ...
  • Theodore de Mayerne (Part II) 

    M.Phil. in Reformation and Enlightnement Studies (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
  • The Return of the Broad University Curriculum 

    Heffron, Rachel (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    How should the modern university resolve the conflict of whether to meet the demands of the economy or student preferences? Circumstances of economic prosperity, coupled with individual liberty as well as social justice ...
  • The "Joyce Brain Atlas" Project: Mapping the Neuro-Architecture of Modernity 

    O' Connor, Theresa (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    Like "Second Skin", a dynamic model of architecture pioneered by Marcos Lutyens at the Architectural Association in London, Finnegans Wake asks the reader to extend his/her consciousness to become a co-producer of an ...
  • Irish Foreign Policy and Sub-Saharan Africa 1956-1976 

    O' Sullivan, Kevin (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    Using a wide variety of sources, from archival and printed works to the interviews with those involved in policy-making, this project uses the example of sub-Saharan African policy to explore the internationalisation of ...
  • Policing and the Roman Empire 

    Couper, James Grant (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The Roman Empire, from the beginning of the Principate (28 BC onwards), had no full-time dedicated police force as we understand the concept. However the state had to deal with individuals and groups who were intent on ...
  • Constructs of War: Evaluation and Representation of the First World War in the Republican Press in Weimar Germany 1918-1920 

    Ther, Vanessa (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The fall of Weimar democracy in 1933 has evoked massive interest among historians and the general public and numerous attempts have been made to explain Hitler's rise to power. In this context, many historians have explained ...
  • The Spanish Flu in Leinster 

    Milne, Ida (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The 'Spanish' Influenza pandemic killed 40 to 100 million people during 1918 and 1919, and probably infected about one fifth of the world's population. It disrupted society and economies, debilitated all the armed forces ...
  • A Woman's Way Through Times of Social Change 

    Carpenter, Laura (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This study attempts to track the images and representations of mature women in a long-running Irish women's magazine: Woman's Way, from its inception in 1963, to 1990. In my research I am interested to find out whether ...
  • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea: Marine Imagery and Artefacts from the Bronze Age Aegean 

    Saunders, Emma (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This project began as an attempt to explain why the Minoan islanders developed and nurtured this marine interest, while neighbouring island cultures did not. In order to understand the enduring popularity of the sea in ...
  • Streets of the Ancient Near East: Design and Decoration 

    Fitzgerald, Aoife (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The cities of the Near East display some of the best archaeological evidence for urban design and decoration in the Roman Empire. The plans of Apamea (Syria), Palmyra (Syria) and Jerash (Jordan) are perfect examples of ...
  • Philosophy, Psychiatry and the Schreber Case 

    Lees, Lorna (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    Daniel Paul Schreber (1842-1911) was a lawyer and judge, who wrote and published an account of his experiences in an asylum. This account was analysed by Freud, who believed that Schreber's dementia paranoides was the ...
  • The Clash of Empires in Africa: The First World War in the British and German Colonies 

    Steinbach, Daniel (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    From its very beginnings the First World War was a global war. The most severe fighting outside Europe took place in the tropical German colonies of the Cameroons and German East Africa (present-day Tanzania), as well as ...
  • Christian Responses to Modern Slavery 

    Reaves, Jayme (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This research project explores the theological and ethical issues around modern slavery and movements to abolish it. Topics include: human trafficking; human rights; racism; theological language and doctrines; Christian ...
  • Theodore de Mayerne (Part I) 

    M.Phil. in Reformation and Enlightnement Studies (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    Theodore de Mayerne was one of Europe's foremost physicians in the early seventeenth century. A Hugenot educated at Montpellier, he moved to Paris upon receiving his doctorate, but soon became embroiled in controversy with ...
  • Women's Travel Writing of the 1920s and 1930s 

    Hoag, Ann (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The decades following World War One saw an explosion of international movement including the migration of colonized subjects towards imperial capitals and artistic expatriates attracted to distant communities. The advent ...